Course curriculum

    1. What Does a Healthy Church Look Like? - Introduction

    2. Discussion Questions

    1. The Big WHY

    2. The Medieval Answer: Correct Liturgy

    3. Discussion Questions

    4. The Reformation Answer: Correct Doctrine

    5. Discussion Questions

    6. Questions

    7. The Charismatic Answer: Correct Use of the Gifts

    8. Questions

    9. The Modern Answer: Correct Style

    10. Questions

    11. Preaching Half a Gospel

    12. Questions

    13. The Thriving Answer: Correct Mission

    14. Questions

    1. The Discipleship Journey

    2. Questions

    3. The 3 Laws of Church Growth

    4. Questions

    1. Stuck in Neutral

    2. Questions

    3. 1st Gear: Doing Ministry

    4. Questions

    5. 2nd Gear: Training Volunteers

    6. Questions

    7. 3rd Gear: Training Leaders

    8. Questions

    1. Leading Your Board

    2. Questions

    1. Toxic Cultural Values - Introduction

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Meet the Instructors

John Albiston

Effectiveness Coach

John works as an Effectiveness Coach with the ABNWT District of the PAOC. He is a strategic thinker who has pastored urban and rural churches, traditional and on the cutting edge. He is a passionate evangelist who is committed to rapid church growth by creating churches that unchurched people love to attend. With his church planting, multi-service, multi-site, and church merger experience, he regularly trains leaders, coaches church planters, and helps other pastors lead their churches into new growth.

Bob Jones

Advance Coach

Bob Jones is an Advance Coach with the ABNWT Resource Centre. He is also the founder of, an author, blogger, and pastor with 39 years of pastoral experience.

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